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Janet with Mini Muncher

Janet Burleson
Operations Manager

  With over two decades of IT experience and extensive experience in corporate management, Janet Burleson is also an acknowledged expert in web design and search engine placement optimization. A lifelong horse trainer and Arabian horse lover, Janet donates her "spare time" to develop a training program for Guide Horses for the Blind.

John Lavender
Production manager

  With over a decade of management experience, John Lavender is an aspiring Oracle DBA, technical manager and the author of  Using Oracle system triggers to audit user activity - in Oracle Internals (November, 2002).

A licensed auto mechanic and car expert, John enjoys working with custom cars and spending time as a sports coach with his son Kyle. An accomplished horseman, John enjoys showing Arabian horses and helping with the Guidehorse Foundation.




Don Burleson
Series Editor




Don Burleson is one of the world’s top Oracle Database experts with more than 20 years of full-time DBA experience.  He specializes in creating database architectures for very large online databases and he has worked with some of the world’s most powerful and complex systems.   A former Adjunct Professor, Don Burleson has written 14 books, published more than 100 articles in National Magazines, and serves as Editor-in-Chief of Oracle Internals. Don is a popular lecturer and teacher and is a frequent speaker at Oracle Openworld and other international database conferences.










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